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Exploring IF200™ : A Game-Changing Supplement

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Humans have yet to unearth the elixir of life, but modern science has synthesized the next best thing: IF200™. Formulated by Harvard scientist Dr. Albert. A Crum, it is a revolutionary patented blend of three amino acids (L-cystine, glutamine, glycine) that form the building blocks of glutathione, the “master” antioxidant.


Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced naturally within each and every one of the body’s 300 trillion cells. It is vital both in the defense of cellular integrity and in the enhancement and reutilization of other important antioxidants.

Ample medical studies have shown that glutathione is a central component in a range of body functions, such as:

  • stimulating DNA production
  • combatting cellular disintegration and aging
  • bolstering immune function
  • forming sperm 
  • breaking down and fending off free radicals (particles that steal electrons from healthy cells)
  • helping certain enzymes function
  • amplifying vitamins C and E
  • energy production and glucose burning


Per Dr. Crum’s extensive research into the most effective ways to fortify the body against toxins and cellular degeneration, unlike other similar supplements, Immune Formulation 200 ® is formulated to stimulate normal and natural production processes, rather than replace these processes altogether.

In other words, IF200™ does not contain glutathione itself, but rather the necessary precursors to prime your body to produce these miracle molecules on its own.  Revitalizing and invigorating intracellular synthesis, a mechanism perfected by evolution over the course of millennia, is the goal of this formula.  The precursor mechanism must be understood to be appreciated.

In biochemistry, the term “precursor” often refers more specifically to a chemical compound preceding another in a metabolic pathway.  The ingredients of Immune Formulation 200® provide all of the raw materials needed for the cell to produce its own glutathione.  

By contrast, if whole molecule glutathione was taken directly as a supplement:

  • very little would make it past your digestive system and could no longer be used inside the cells (1),
  • the little amount that penetrates the cellular level would unleash a counter-productive signal as your cells would stop making glutathione, sensing that sufficient levels exist!

A mostly tasteless white powder that can be added to your favorite beverage or meal, Three Amino’s IF200™ contains no preservatives or additives. It can be purchased in 3.5 oz containers that provide up to two months of daily servings.