Five Ways Glutathione Benefits Your Skin

  • 2 min read

There are several glutathione benefits from immune-boosting, reduction in oxidative stress, and improving metabolic detoxification. It has been found that the component can prevent or lower the effects of chronic liver disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, allergies, and more.

Glutathione is formed from three amino acids and can be found in two forms; reduced or oxidized. One of the most commonly overlooked glutathione benefits are those related to our skin. Some of those benefits include the reduction of wrinkles, skin-brightening, and improvement in skin elasticity.


One of the biggest things that glutathione is known for is its depigmentation properties. It can be used in a topical form or other forms to reach the same goal. Glutathione benefits your skin by lightening and brightening it. There are three main ways that glutathione works to depigment your skin including:

  • Activation of pheomelanin pathway
  • Inhibition of tyrosinase activity
  • Antioxidant activity

Each of these has its own unique process and end result. It is important to note what your overall goal is in order to pinpoint how you will use glutathione.


Glutathione is an antioxidant and it helps contain the free radicals that are formed from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This can be from exposure to the sun or other environmental pollutants. This can also lead to other issues like premature aging that can cause fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. Your skin will need to detoxify these chemicals and glutathione can help do just that. It will help the skin to become stronger and healthier by fighting against oxidative stress.


We all want to stay looking young no matter how old we get. As we age, our skin can begin to show signs of wrinkles and lower skin elasticity. Glutathione, however, has properties that can significantly reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. Your skin can look younger, brighter, and more radiant if you use glutathione correctly.


Many skin conditions are caused by acne and hyperpigmentation. These can be attributed to inflammation of the skin. Luckily, glutathione has anti-inflammatory properties to help tackle these issues. Glutathione can help to clear up your skin and have less acne.


You may need to achieve a lighter skin look for a variety of reasons. This is most often due because of a medical condition. Cysteine is the amino acid that is most prominent in skin lightening and has a high presence in glutathione. Glutathione should not be used to achieve a lighter skin tone which is also known as skin whitening. It is instead intended to get you back to your original skin tone when you have blemishes or other issues, this can take several months and you may need some guidance on the process.