Dr. Lile Bio

Dr. Laura Lile

Preventative Healthcare Expert

Dr. Laura is a rarity in the medical field. As one of the few compounding pharmacists and medical doctors, she has pioneered revolutionary formulations for her patients. Dr. Laura has devoted more than three decades to developing, teaching, and practicing the principles of preventive healthcare and wellness at Lile Wellness Partners. Her work is dedicated to creating a new operating system for primary care using 21st century integrative medicine.

Dr. Laura is a sought-after expert in the field of longevity and immune system optimization. She has been invited to educate her fellow doctors since 1995, and is an award-winning member of six National and Global associations. Her practice spans 41 states and four offices and serves thousands of patients.

Dr. Laura Lile, M.D., R.Ph., was designated to collaborate on the Vatican Commission on Covid-19, established and supported by His Holiness Pope Francis. The designation acknowledged that Dr. Laura Lile has achieved excellence in the medical field and has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to exemplary care for people.